About us

Our company

European Beauty is a family owned business set up by a busy mother of four. Her skin is very sensitive, so she would get red rashes, blemishes and dry flakes forming on her skin. For years she was looking for the right cream that wouldn't irratate her skin however nothing would help even the very expensive creams costing $80-$120 caused negative effects. It was only when travelling through Europe that Gabi found the Ziaja and AA Oceanic cosmetics that worked wonders for her skin! Almost instantly her skin felt softer, firmer and most importantly there were no negative side effects from applying this product! Gabi was very surprised at how good the products were, and also that they were very affordable which inspired her to open an online store - selling these quality items to Australians that may be facing the same problems.

Contact Us

For any information about orders or order progress please email us on enquiries@europeanbeauty.com.au.

Where we are located

Our business is mainly online, you can pay through bank deposit or PayPal - this is intended to reduce overheads so that our customers can get the best value for money. We also visit local markets where you can come and try out our selected samples before purchasing. 

If you would like to visit our stall, please email us to find out more information. 

Photo of our stall - Berwick Akoonah Market.
Although we like cake - we do not sell it! 

Our Promise

Our products are wonderfully packaged, dermatologically tested and quality tested. If you would like to buy a gift basket do let us know, we can make a customized gift box/basket for you. 
We are happy if you are happy!

Photo of the first order - very exciting!!!