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Chemicals that you should AVOID applying on your sensitive skin

Published : 06/26/2015 16:45:36
Categories : Health and Cosmetics

Cosmetics are meant to keep your skin moisturized, fresh and healthy throughout the day and night. Unfortunately most mainstream companies are putting in potentially harmful toxins and chemicals into most of the everyday cosmetics, body lotions, shampoos and hand creams that women, men and children apply every day.   

Although it can be argued that chemicals such as paraben, silicone, mineral oils and certain fragrances are considered to be harmless, within a particular limit – one needs to consider what the consequences are of applying such chemicals every day. Also remember that generally individuals don’t apply one product every day – they will generally use shampoo, body wash/soap, moisturizer on a daily basis. 

So one has to ask, what are the implications of using cosmetics with toxic chemicals over a longer time span? What harm could this cause if chemicals such as paraben, silicone and mineral oils were used every day for years? 

In this article we will explore why it is essential to minimize the application of certain chemicals on your skin. This is a matter of increasing public awareness about skin products – so that you can be better informed about what you purchase, and whether it is going to be beneficial for your well-being. 

Chemicals that you should avoid: 

1. Paraben

According to Arthur Rich, a cosmetic chemist in Chestnut Ridge, New York states that “about 85% of cosmetics have [parabens]”. Why do cosmetics contain them? Basically because parabens are used to ensure that bacteria growth within them is prevented. So what is the problem? Why should parabens be avoided?

Parabens are xenoestrogens - this essentially means that they act in the same way as the hormone estrogen. Recent studies link “estrogen disruption” to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Basically the parabens within 85% of cosmetics disturb the normal estrogen balance within the body, and there can be very serious consequences. In 2004, Philippa Darbe, a cancer researcher found parabens present in malignant breast tumors.

Since there is no at present, conclusive research done about the effect of parabens on the human body – why wash yourself with potentially harmful chemicals, found in 85% of the cosmetics available in local stores?

Remember, you don’t only body care product onto your skin daily – think about the body lotion, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand cream that you apply generally daily. This can accumulate!

2. Silicone

Silicone has been linked with causing skin irritations and problems such as break outs and eczema. This substance traps the moisture of the skin – which can also trap dirt, bacteria and sebum that is already on the skin. This can cause redness, acne, rashes and unappealing breakouts.

In addition to this, the synthetic chemical silicone, has also caused environmental concerns. A study led in Canada in 2008 has claimed that certain siloxanes (D4 and D5) can accumulate in aquatic environments. In Europe, D4 siloxane has been classified as an endocrine disruptor – which may lead to hormone imbalances.

Although this is not conclusive, it is probably best to avoid applying these chemicals on your skin – especially if you strive to be ecofriendly. Silicone is present in most health care products, and it is generally challenging to find a product without this chemical – however at European Beauty we supply silicone free beauty products.

3. Mineral oils

Mineral oils are very common in most health care products. It is generally considered safe – however if you have sensitive skin beware, mineral oil can cause break outs, allergic reactions and skin rashes. It is also known to be linked with skin aging prematurely because it seals the skin from breathing. Mineral oils can also reduce the amount of collagen in the skin, leading to accelerated skin aging.

There are also severe health concerns linked with the use of mineral oils, including a negative impact on hormone balance, damage to the immune system, endometriosis and even miscarriages.

What can you do to avoid these chemicals?

We recommend that you try the following products:

- Ziaja Sensitive Skin Line
- AA Oceanic (perfect for sensitive skin)

These products are specifically designed with no paraben, no silicones and no mineral oils – which is beneficial for keeping the skin healthy, ensuring that your health is not adversely affected and that you are being as ecofriendly as possible.

Some Recommended Products: 

Here are some top recommended products for sensitive skin. You may click on the product name to find more information about them.


($ AUD)




Ziaja Sensitive Skin Wash




- No paraben
- No mineral oil
- No silicon

  • Prevents roughness, dryness and excessive flaking
  • Intensely moisturizes even during bath
  • Causes the skin to become noticeably brighter and healthier
  • Gentle cleanses sensitive skin
  • Perfect for sensitive, dry and itchy skin

Ziaja Sensitive Day Cream



- No paraben
- No mineral oil
- No perfumes

  • Provides long-lasting moisturizing effect
  • Rejuvenates and refreshes sensitive skin
  • Protects skin from UVA and UVB sunrays
  • Reduces roughness, dryness and flaking of skin
  • Immediate effect of smoothing the skin
  • Eliminates redness of the epidermis

AA Cosmetics

Age Technology 30+

Smoothing and Moisturizing Day Cream



- No paraben
- No perfumes


  • Delays wrinkle formation and skin ageing
  • Maintains optimal hydration of skin
  • Smoothens skin and wrinkles
  • Protects skin from dehydration and loss of elasticity
  • Works on the epidermis and deep skin layer
  • Increases skin tolerance to external factors causing hypersensitivity

AA Cosmetics

Collagen Hial 30+

Smoothing and Regenerating Night Cream



- No paraben
- No perfumes


  • Improves the smoothness of the skin
  • Ensures that the skin is elastic and firm which reduces wrinkle formation
  • Restores and repairs damages skin cells while you sleep
  • Vitamin C extract helps to prevent skin aging
  • Intensively regenerates and strengthens the skin layer
  • Produces a lipid layer which further protects the skin from free radicals
  • Ensures that the skin is soft and fresh
  • Intensively moisturizes the skin keeping it hydrated throughout the day
  • Reduces irritation of the skin and helps to eliminate irritation of the skin
  • Improves cell cohesion and increase skin tolerance hypersensitivity

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